The Evolution


I have been riding the Jones H-Bar for a few months. I am just a weekend warrior but personally I love the handle bar a lot. The various hand positions are very very very useful. It really works especially when I rode any switchbacks and went uphill. Therefore I would like to share this great video by Jeff Jones himself. I will post more shots of my bike with this amazing masterpiece soon 🙂




Taken from Red Dot :

“It can be difficult for night cyclists to get a good sense of the condition of the terrain ahead, even with a typical bicycle lamp. In many cases, a bicycle lamp will cast shadows on both concave and convex areas of the ground. This can hinder the rider’s judgment of the road surface ahead, and increase the potential for danger.”



I’ve been busy lately with our 2nd daughter who is almost 4 months right now. I’m adjusting my free time and just managed to ride my Brompton twice, so far. However, at the same time I have managed to complete my used R50 (my wife’s to be exact :-)) This 2004 Mini Cooper will be our 2nd / spare car and will try my best to make sure this beauty always in good condition at any time.


Henty Wingman


Taken from Henty:

The Wingman (patent pending) was designed to transport business suits, dresses, shirts, ipads and accessories with the convenience of a satchel on your back. The suit bag has semi-rigid vertical ribs which restricts the diameter when rolled, minimising garment creases. This is what differentiates the Wingman from its poorer cousins – traditional fold in half suit bags. It also comes with a gym / utility bag and can be used with the suit bag or separately.