I was born in Port Dickson

Had to attend a 5 days course at Port Dickson. Glad that my bike was there with me and I managed to ride for two days in the afternoon. Longer ride on the 2nd day with a mission..to find my old house. Yes I was born in Port Dickson and stayed there for only two years before moved to Kuala Lumpur. However my mission failed and my ride ended up with eating ‘nasi ayam panggang’ before continue my ride back to the hotel. Yet, it was indeed a beautiful ride with sunset on the background and sea breeze hitting my face. Luckily on my final day while driving back to KL, I was there on the road in front of my old house..what a coincidence! All this time I have been memorizing the house by going through old picture albums and the landmark as being told by my mother, was very helpful which is Sekolah Kebangsaan Si Rusa. Nostalgia..


Finally my mini bullhorn (Nitto B263AA) wrapped with brown Deda bar tape after months of ride. I have discovered that it is hazardous to ride with naked handlebar even with my gloves on. But if you still insist on not to wrap your bar, you might need a good gloves with that sticky thing on the palm. However, for longer rides I will most probably put my gloves on for extra comfort and safety. For your info, I don’t have that special skill to wrap the bar tape. Bought and installed at Grafa. Will learn that skill later..tq again Grafa!