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Believe it or not

Taken from JMF.

In Brazil a driver drove at full speed through a critical mass, running down cyclists in his path. Richard Neis, 47, a bank worker, has been questioned by civil police in Brazil about the incident after being identified as the driver. Mr Neis’s lawyer, Luis Fernando Coimbra Albino, told the Brazilian news website Zero Hora that his client would plead that he acted in defense of himself and his 15-year-old son. He said Mr Neis had felt threatened after cyclists started to bang on his car roof and broke its windows. “He felt cornered, he acted to protect his son who was in the car,” said Mr Albino. Brazilian media reported that Mr Neis could face charges of attempted murder if it is shown that he acted deliberately.


No straps attached 2

I have switched my ratio from 44/17 to 48/17 and my clipless pedals are doing just fine. As I mentioned before, it has optimized my pedaling as well as skidding. A common misconception among riders is that using clipless pedals is more dangerous than cages and straps. Clipless pedals actually allow faster removal / release of the foot from the pedal. You just have to keep practicing the right technique and always keep your eyes on safety while riding the streets. In fact, riding fixed gear is all about being alert. To me, adding a bit of functionality (clipless pedals) to a simplicity of fixed single speed gear bike is not a crime. Viva la clipless 🙂