Cotton Duck

Trunk/rack bag for my Brompton S6R, Carradice Super C.


Bukit Jelutong-Kuang

My 1st long distance ride with LOW// (about 50km). Has switched the handlebar from flat to riser, better handling and comfort. Will stick to riser bar. Gonna ride this route with my Brompton S6R next time.

Steel Is Real 9

1st ride with my new fully rigid steel single speed 29er. At a glance, 29 inch wheels really gave me a new feel and experience. It gave me more confidence when downhilling, cornering and rolling over obstacles. Climbing also seems to be easier.  My previous hardtail was Santa Cruz Chameleon, geared with front suspension fork which I used to ride it on cross country trails with a bit of technical downhill. However the fact that I spent most of my rides on road has made me feel to build a ‘basic’ off road/mountain bike. Therefore I chose fully rigid steel single speed because of its simplicity and originality. Without any suspension, your body will be more connected to the ground. Yes it will hurts but with practices and developed skills, you will discover a different kind of fun and thrill. Unconsciously, after a few rides you will make yourself a better rider without any help of expensive suspension fork and that bulky/noisy set of gears. By the way, I’m waiting for my Jones Aluminium Loop H-Bar! 🙂