Might be an essential. This is my 1st complete full size utensil set by West America. Solid and rugged. Pretty good workmanship.



Shiny Happy People

My 3rd Genting-Sempah ride. This time with my Brompton S6R. The weather was really great and my Carradice Rack/Trunk Bag served me well. It was stuffed with my water bottle, DSLR (body + 50 mm lense), mobile phone, wallet, tool roll & mini hand pump which allowed me to pedal freely without any bag on my back or hip. I love the simplicity and classic design of this rack bag. With 4 points of velcro, it only takes 30 second to attach the bag to my rear rack steadily. The happiest part was when I arrived home safely, saw happy faces of my wife and daughter after this wonderful ride.

Steel Is Real 9

1st ride with my new fully rigid steel single speed 29er. At a glance, 29 inch wheels really gave me a new feel and experience. It gave me more confidence when downhilling, cornering and rolling over obstacles. Climbing also seems to be easier.  My previous hardtail was Santa Cruz Chameleon, geared with front suspension fork which I used to ride it on cross country trails with a bit of technical downhill. However the fact that I spent most of my rides on road has made me feel to build a ‘basic’ off road/mountain bike. Therefore I chose fully rigid steel single speed because of its simplicity and originality. Without any suspension, your body will be more connected to the ground. Yes it will hurts but with practices and developed skills, you will discover a different kind of fun and thrill. Unconsciously, after a few rides you will make yourself a better rider without any help of expensive suspension fork and that bulky/noisy set of gears. By the way, I’m waiting for my Jones Aluminium Loop H-Bar! 🙂

Independence Ride

After months of waiting, finally completed my LOW Track Std. This was my first ride and discovered that it was a bit tight. I trusted Andrew Low for recommending 52 frame and I need a little adjustment to meet the comfortable needed. Yes my bike will be in relax mode. That is why I’ve decided to pick Track Std frame with flat handlebar and Brooks B17 (Brooks forever!) at the first place. For the next ride I will flip the stem for better comfort and surely it will look less aggressive than my first setup. Stay tune for second review and list of components.


Did a few upgrades on my Dash P18. Silver FSA Metropolis seat post + Avid Speed Dial 7 levers + Avid Single Digit 7 rim brakes. Surprisingly it was really a huge different once installed and tested the new v-brake system. By the way, I have been riding my foldie with Chrome Kursk Pro for about 6 months. Soon I will be riding these shoes on my new track bike and hopefully no major issue will arise.

Of course it will be a different thing when I ride these shoes on a fixed gear bike. One of many tips that I came across which I remember the most is to make sure the laces are tight enough for better control during push and pull. Maybe Chrome should be thinking of produce second version of Kursk Pro with a new feature, strap velcro for better fit and support. For those who are planning to buy Kursk Pro, remember to pick half size smaller than your actual size.

Hydrate or die

If you need a proper hydration bag, you should get a Camelbak. However with a little bit of innovation, you could simply turn any messenger bag into a hydration bag. All you have to do is get yourself a bladder/reservoir and slip it into your bag. I myself bought Hoser, a bladder by Platypus and stuff it into my small Cocotte messenger bag. Just make sure the tube is reachable so that you can bite the valve with ease anytime while riding. To have your water on the go is one of the great benefits of hydration pack. This allow you to focus your eyes on the road/trail and enjoy your water at the same time.


My biggest bag so far, Timbuk2 Lex which is only available as customize bags on their official website. Unfortunately it is no longer available (not sure why). But one thing for sure, I am one of the proud owners all over the world. Timbuk2 claimed this bag comfortable enough for biking. I haven’t tried it but all this time after few usages, my Lex has served me well as a luggage backpack.

I love the typical square shaped and wide top opening which ease me to load/unload stuff. The inside pockets also as functional as it looks, and of course thick padding on the back as well as on the strap give me the plenty of comfort while carrying fully loaded cargo.

That is my 1 year and 3 months old daughter, Adranur 🙂