Grip (for sale)

Brand: Oury
Color (pairs available):
Burgundy (1) > sold
Lilac – very light purple (1) > sold
Black lock-on (1) > sold
Condition: New in original package
Price: RM65.00/pair and RM85.00/pair for lock-on

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Top tube pads (for sale)

Brand: Yancopads
Color for 18 inch pads: Grey, Black/Purple Dot (sold)
Color for 6 inch pads (minis): Brown Checker, Red/Green Dot, Grey Camo, Fiesta (sold)
Condition: New
Price for 18 inch pads: RM99.00
Price for minis: RM85.00
Sample: Yancopads

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Grip (for sale-new stock)

Brand: Oury
Color (pairs available):
Black (1) – sold
Purple (1) – sold
Orange (1) – sold
Transparent-glow in the dark (sold)
Red (2) – sold
Chocolate (2) – sold
Blue (2) – sold
Condition: New in original package
Price: RM65.00 / pair (sold out)


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Messenger bag (for sale)

Brand: Manhattan Portage
Model: Vintage Messenger (Large)
Color: Camouflage
Condition: New with tag
Price: RM250.00
Sample: Manhattan Portage

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