Waiting for your Rocket to come?

Rocket, Jakarta. Too much to see but limited time. Wicked place.


Grey & Blue

My latest addition to hip bags. Grey and blue MER which I categorized it as small/medium hip bag. They are bigger than my small Archive yet smaller than medium Burro. All my stuff fit nicely into them and maybe Rob (MER) should be thinking of at least one internal pocket 🙂 However I love the typical square shape as well as the workmanship which have made these bags look simple and sturdy.




A tribute to bombing down velodrome banks or city hills, and cranking hard, our frames are built to go fast and handle the rigors of professional and urban cycling. Our geometries remain true to, and are intended for track racing; with aggressive profiles, responsive handling, and overall strength and stiffness, while our overall aesthetic embodies power and simplicity.