Non-fixie 2

About two hours ride @ FRIM, Kepong this morning with my black Chameleon. Wake up and smell the forest. Rare physical sensation for any urban riders out there, I guess šŸ˜€



My lucky day. This morning was my 2nd ride after the incident on last 3rd November 2010. It was my mistake not to do a proper check on my bike after that incident. Just noticed the long crack on my way back home. It’s just a few cm to split theĀ stem faceplate into two or the worst case scenario, theĀ faceplate will explode. If not mistaken, I have heard of these issues twice before. Well, maybe the impact was strong enough to weaken the construction. As a well known name in the bicycle industry, THOMSON has to figure it out soon, very soon.

Waxed canvas anyone?

Ahhh my small version of Flight Pack.. finally got digital camouflage on one of my bags. Gray waxed canvas and red thread just have made it even better. It comes with lightweight construction and roll top closure which is more than good enough for daily use. One of the great features will be the expandable front pocket, which is simple yet very useful. On the other hand, the quality and workmanship of RELoad products is something undeniable.