Via Powdercoat:

USPS, UPS, and FedEx all follow the same general sizing guidelines for standard shipping costs. Measure the length (the longest side) and add it to the girth (measuring continuously all the way around). You’ll want this to be less than 108″ for it to be a non-oversize box. Measure carefully, they will seldom overlook more than an inch or two.

A typical frame box is 40″ x 24″ x either 6″ or 8″. That calculates out to just 108″. If it’s 108″ it can ship Priority USPS, if it’s bigger then it needs to go Parcel Post Oversize and it might cost 50% more plus it takes longer. Now you guys who ride a frame bigger than 60cm or so have a little problem. Your frame needs a bigger box anyway, so your shipping costs either way will be a bit more. Fact of life.


Steel 29er Single Speed Rigid

Taken from Bike 198:

Riding Rigid: 6 reasons why you should go without suspension

  • It is a challenge – When you strip away the gears and suspension, “easy” trails are made harder. By increasing the difficulty of the trail, you increase your abilities. Read more here.

🙂 I’m waiting for my SIR 9.

Rapha Pop-Up


Rapha are pleased to announce their first pop-up retail experiences in SE Asia giving the opportunity to see and feel the latest Rapha products before you buy. The first store will be at Elite Bicycles in Singapore and Rapha would like to invite you to the opening night.

Opening Night Event:

Tuesday May 29th, 7.30pm

Rapha will be holding an exclusive brand presentation and film screening. Food and drink will be provided by the excellent Sabio Tapas Bar & Restaurant next door.

We look forward to seeing you.

Location and opening times:

Elite Bicycles Asia Pte Ltd
3 Duxton Hill
Singapore 089589 [map]

Open dates: May 29th to June 9th