Special Delivery

Received my 4th Seagull. This time a custom medium messenger bag, with a bag of coffee inside 🙂 Thanks a lot Seagull! Will review the bag later.


aaaWUU 6119

Taken from Yakima.  Hard for me to get this Yakima Sparetime for my new vehicle. Now searching for best deal online. Anyone got info? Please kindly contact me. TQ in advance.


Taken from Rapha.

Developed for road cyclists, Rapha Rendezvous has been designed to make meeting up for group rides easier. Invite other riders and observe them in real time making progress to the rendezvous point on a map. No more hanging around for friends, failed phone calls, SMS annoyances or scrolling hundreds of emails, Rapha Rendezvous makes meeting for rides quick and easy, giving you more time on the bike.