Did a few upgrades on my Dash P18. Silver FSA Metropolis seat post + Avid Speed Dial 7 levers + Avid Single Digit 7 rim brakes. Surprisingly it was really a huge different once installed and tested the new v-brake system. By the way, I have been riding my foldie with Chrome Kursk Pro for about 6 months. Soon I will be riding these shoes on my new track bike and hopefully no major issue will arise.

Of course it will be a different thing when I ride these shoes on a fixed gear bike. One of many tips that I came across which I remember the most is to make sure the laces are tight enough for better control during push and pull. Maybe Chrome should be thinking of produce second version of Kursk Pro with a new feature, strap velcro for better fit and support. For those who are planning to buy Kursk Pro, remember to pick half size smaller than your actual size.