..and I would ride 500 more



“UNIQLO, Japan’s number one fashion brand and a worldwide leader in casual wear, plans to open its first store in Malaysia in the fourth quarter of this year” Read more here. All this time got their stuff from bundle shop (2nd hand). Finally..


Seeking for a good messenger bag? I am recommending you these brands. I am neither a bike messenger nor heavy user of these bags but I own each of this brand which gives me at least first hand experiences rather than depending only on reviews by other consumers. Of course there are differences among them and you just have to suit it with your needs and style.

Burro Hip Bag

My 2nd hip bag. This customized medium Burro can fits my mini U-Lock nicely. Unlike the Seagull, this bag is typically square but it has a front pocket and two slots on the outside and two pockets inside. These pockets are useful of course to hold small important items such as wallet, mobile phone, keys etc. At the same time they will separate all the small items from other stuff when packed together. With tough cordura outside and vinyl inside, this bag surely will be one of my favourites.