Would be my ultimate collection?

Maybe this custom will be my final. In the first place, I was dissapointed when discovered that Malaysia is not listed in the online order form. Email sent to them and they replied *Yes, that is correct.  Due to the high percentage of fraudulent orders placed from Malaysia through our system, we no longer ship to Malaysia.  I’m so sorry for the inconvenience*. The accuracy of this however, remains a mystery. Whatever it is, I’ll find my way to own this bag. Go on and build your own bag. Do not worry about the material, seriously. I own one and few words to describe it> Own a Timbuk2, and your next bag will be a Timbuk2. What do you expect from a pioneer with 20 years experience? To view my creation, click>



1 fine day..again to Pelita KLCC. But this time with a mission, to collect my wedding album done by Shutterspeak 🙂 Around 8.45 back to the saddle again. The most irritated thing was black smoke from buses..sigh. The sun’s heat really bite me started 9.15. Should start earlier next time and reach home by 9. Glad to have Chrome Citizen on my back. The bag was comfortable enough with my dslr, Camelbak’s bladder, Bike Burrito & wedding album (10″x12″) stuffed together. Will talk about that Bike Burrito later. For now, just pay a visit to>

Cut your own bag

Just a short review on Freitag from Switzerland. Made of truck tarpaulin, used 2nd-hand car seat-belt webbing and bicycle inner tube, this bag is absolutely in my wish list. Go to FREITAG and you will discover the most exiting part is the F-CUT. The tool is so easy to use and this cool creation allow you to cut your own bag from a tarp. The cooler thing is you can combine maximum of 5 tarps which means you have 5 pieces to cut/choose for a complete bag. Yup, it’s your fault!